Monday, November 3, 2014


(alt) & (shift) project aims to extend and deepen on shared practice experience for the artist as well as to sustain an ongoing movement practice, production and exploration through virtual media. 

  Currently, we are a new and slowly shaping virtual artistic platform that hopes to redefine its motives and intentions as necessities and interests of the practicing artists may flourish.This intends to serve as a virtual platform for movement practice and exploration regardless of space and time limitations. 

M.Pizarro, fellow collaborator Cristina Lugo and M.Panourgia met during Kinitiras choreography Lab in Athens 2014. After pairing up for exercise, the possibility of sustaining a movement practice through virtual media became a joyful promise, and a reality.

 Welcome and shift!!!
M.Pizarro in "Estudio de danza en dos planos" by: La guareta (directed by: Cristina Lugo)
photo: Shila M. Figueroa

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